Pressure washer engine quits under load. Need help diagnosing

I have a Generac 2200 PSI pressure washer. It has been performing fine, but yesterday I after starting it up and achieving a prime and pulling the trigger the motor stopped dead. I restarted the engine. It ran absolutely perfect until I pulled the trigger on the wand. The stopped dead again. Not like running out of gas, but almost an instant stop.

Engine runs fine
Engine runs fine with trigger pulled when no pump prime has been achieved
Engine stops dead when trigger pulled when pump is primed
Water coming out of spray nozzle is not clear, but cloudy slightly white (incoming water from home is clear)
Small water leak under pump. Exact location not known.
Pump is Annovi Reverberi XJV 3G.22

My background is engines. I am very confident this is pump or valve related. Can someone please help by pointing me in the right direction?

Regardless of what the problem is, it is cheaper to get another one than work on it

You are probably right, BUT… I know a pretty good bit about engines. I know nothing of how a pressure washer pump creates pressure. I would like to understand how the pump works and what could go wrong to create the condition I have.

I may still just buy a new one, but I have always found it helpful to understand how things actually work.

You sure it’s not a XTV3G22?

Since it’s a $269 pump, maybe buy a new one and then take your old one apart and see if you can fix it. You’ll learn just about all you’ll ever need to know by doing that.

Nope. Pretty sure it is an XJV. I will likely rebuild the valve. I just thought with the symptoms explained the problem would be a common one among pressure washers and someone could explain why a PW might hydraulically lock (as that is what I believe is happening) when the trigger is depressed.

It may sound corny, but as a engine mechanic I enjoyed the diagnosis more the act of replacing the parts. I would test myself by diagnosing and speculating what the reason for failure was before cracking the first bolt. I found it more gratifying when I did open the unit to find I was right or dead wrong. This practice kept me from being just another parts replacer.

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