Pressure washer bypass

Can I set this Simpson 520006 pressure washer pump up to where I can have a bypass/return line back to my water tank to avoid heating and ruining pump?

Probably not. Is it direct drive?

Direct drive has nothing to do with a bypass, I have two that are direct drive pumps that have a bypass… now where the inlet and bypass are does. If your feed line has a built in bypass you can not do a bypass But if can be separated there is a way but you would be better off buying a new pump or unloader that will fit that pump. .

Please don’t offer advice here if you don’t know what you are talking about. It’s fine for you to comment on things that aren’t important until you know better, but don’t mess up a new guy that doesn’t know better. If you have a direct drive the odds are high that it won’t pull from a tank, not consistently. You can’t bypass to a tank if you are pulling from a spigot. Both of you should invest in real equipment off you plan on doing this for a living.


and accept correction from those who have way more experience when you’re wrong…trust me :grin:

From the private messages he sent me I don’t think English is hid first language. Nothing wrong with that, but might explain some of his comments. I don’t know. I’m kinda passed helping people that refuse to learn, but don’t like it when stuff that hurts others is spouted.

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I guess theoretically he could use a direct drive with garden hose feed but bypass to the ground…

That’s what I was thinking. Looks like a pump with an internal unloader though

Correction to what I posted earlier. I made some assumption that some would understand that the level of the water in the tank would need to be higher than the level of the inlet. I personally all ways start a job with at least a half tank of water. So yes water does flow with gravity with enough force to feed pump. And using a direct drive pump will work if you apply logical method to what you are doing. So with that being said I have done it with a direct drive pump and at 4 gpm pump.

Guys, please don’t ride around with elevated tanks. That isn’t safe. If you are planning on doing this for a living, buy real equipment. Direct drive 4gpm machines are homeowner grade at best. If you are going to use such equipment, maybe find a forum that isn’t geared towards professional contractors.

where did I say elevate the tank? You need to learn how to read every word. Level of water could or could not mean to raise the tank. Water above the level of the inlet means above where the inlet height. Here is something else you have not thought of size of the tank. Not all of us need to run around with 275 gallon totes. And if someone is just starting out maybe that is all they can afford to buy. yes maybe home owner equipment but it gets them by in till they can move up.

Sorry, your writing is hard to translate.

I’m not sure what you mean about 275 gallon totes. No one had said anything about them and I don’t use them.Maybe you are not reading what had been written. Again, please stop with the advice. If a person can’t start with the correct equipment, they shouldn’t start. Saving up to buy better equipment advice is like giving a man a fish instead of teaching him how to fish. As I said earlier, if you’re using a 4gpm direct drive and calling yourself a professional contractor, you are probably in the wrong forum. I hope that translated clearly.

Oh so you started with a big wad of money. Lucky you New truck, bought a trailer And had someone to put you into a business.Now you think you are king s!98. You need to realize. That some of build a business from the ground up not get one handed to us. This is what I see in you. You have the attitude that we should not be in your business model or arena. You are so full of yourself.

The Kings 98? I don’t buy new trucks. But I didn’t go into business to fail either. You keep doing you, just stop with the advice is all I’m asking, even if you think you are the Queen’s 63.

Bye bye, You have made me to understand that you are the only one to be right on here. You and geiman are in the same boat just too dumb to see it. You are so set in your ways that no one else could be right. Oh by the way I’m not a kid I’m a 65 year young still able to have an open mind not like some on here.

Wait, before you go, what’s the King’s 98?

You can not even copy correctly. You half read everything!!!

King crap is the nice way to say it on here since it censored on here. And the other thing you could not understand . You need to able think outside of the box. We all are at different levels. And my advice you only half read. Just because YOU do not do something does not mean the rest needs to follow you into the same hole. The advice that I give is based on what has worked for me. I built my own trailer with what I needed. Reinvested into it so that I can get my cleaning done faster. I did not base it off of someone else. What I see you trying to say that we all need to have the same system has you or we are a piece of crap. So my first year I washed with a 2,8 gpm direct drive with a bypass machine, The same year I bought and ran a 4 gpm direct drive with a bypass machine, and now I run a 5.5, 1450 rpm gear driven machine. Changing nothing but the machine. And in my area I see no reason to go above that due to most of the places I wash are on a wells that could not support a 8 gpm equipment. Tote are IBC tote the ones with the metal cage around them. Oh crap I forgot you stared out with 8 gpm equipment, So you do not have any idea what it means to be a struggling business owner trying to get to the top, you started there.

So a reference to a monarch, an exclamation and two points shy of 100 means “crap”? I’m really not sure where you’re from but you’ve got cool sayings. I’m aware of what a tote is. I started with a 4gpm machine. Kept it almost a week. You are funny so maybe the new guys will know better than to pay any attention to you so have it. Maybe you can post food pics or something. And yes, pretty much not doing it the way I do is wrong, but accepting that will get you making money sooner :slight_smile:

Just ignore him.
He doesnt have all the answers.
Build your business as u see fit.
He has a diff way of running his bus and it works for him.
If you make money good, if u dont then redo or shut it down.
He just uses the forums when he has time and is bored.
Food is always good to share, when 4 dine 8 can eat.
Share and enjoy

I think Queen’s ?56 and King’s !98 sums it up perfectly.