Pressure Washer Brands

Hey guys! Starting my business and I’m trying to research everything really well before buying. Right now I’m stuck between buying a 4GPM Pressure Pro w/ CAT pump, and a 5.5 GPM Bandit by Pressure Washers USA w/ Comet pump. Both have the same Honda engine, but I haven’t heard much about the Bandit PW’s. I know the 5.5 GPM is much better than 4GPM, I’m just a little cautious to buy a brand I haven’t heard much about. They’re both at the same price point too. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

From worst to best: AR, comet, cat, general, legacy, udor.


Well thanks for breaking my heart! Lol. Got the same cat pump on a piece of oilfield equipment since 1999. Been rebuilt a few times but she is a beast.

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Get an udor and you’ll get the same life span without the rebuilds :slight_smile:


Do you know of any udor pumps that have been in service as long as cat pumps. Not saying udor is bad but I would take a CAT over the others. I cant say anything about a udor never owned one

I’ve got udors with 7k hours with no rebuild


That’s impressive. Send pictures I’m just cu6what a pump with that many hours on it looks like. How many seasons?

Probably 1, I’d bet

I guess its possible but 10 hours a day would be 700 days. That’s almost two years washing every day which is awesome. That’s like 3.3 million gallons

Not if its working in shifts. Lol

True that’s crazy I hope I get to that level one day

There are lots of pics of my stuff on here. I can’t post pics now because of the red button. GX 690 usually last about 2500 hours, or a year and a half. Udors have never lasted less than two engines and usually there engines. Only the engines have hour meters, rest is just educated guess on the hours

How many beads of sweat???

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My water usage for a two month project in Knoxville was 970,000 gallons a few years ago. I did a contest on ptstate with a free Tilly hat for the winner who guessed the closest.

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ITS BLUE,All the cool kids have blue ANNOYING pita buttons now

That had to be close to a 4k dollar water bill. We’re you running 4 machines?

It was about $4k exactly. Knoxville has two different water companies and some properties were in different parts of of the city. Mostly 6 machines and Chad Johnson from East TN PW for a week or so. My button is still red.

Very cool, the water bill not so much. I hate to see my water bill come in for the house. On the hydrants it’s not so bad because it’s all broken up between 6 municipalities lol

I ran the piss out of a direct drive udor, never needed a rebuild just the shaft seal on the crank. I upgraded to a gear drive and of course Udor it is!