Pressure wash gun and wand vs. Spray gun

I am was hoping someone could explain the reason to use a spray gun vs the spray wand that comes with most pressure washers. I understand the wand is needed to high pressure applications but have seen some people using a spray gun and some using the wand for soft washing a house. Is there big difference in preformance or is it so you don’t have to hold the havier wand.

First thing is weight. Poly Gun or pvc. Ball valve is very light plus they cost a lot less than a good high pressure gun. Also typically softwash guys are doing roof cleaning running a higher percent of chemical so why run that through a metal spray wand/gun?

Please do not pay attention to the above comment. Do not use pvc or poly with a pressure washer. Guys use wands until they figure out they are not needed 99% of the time and then they just use a short 6 inch wand and a nozzle to wash.


PVC’s max operating pressure is like 500 PSI… this comment is strange.

I assumed he was talking about soft washing. His question was worded about why he sees 2 different guns… So to clarify my answer bove is if you are using a low pressure soft wash system. Sorry for the confusion…

I appreciate the replys, so from the sounds of it the advantage of the gun is it ligher and less cumbersome.


My guy is getting fatigued using the wand we have and is having to switch hands and stuff. It came with the little Simpson we’re starting with.

He likes the idea of something like a two-handed maybe 4-5 foot wand? What we need is a more comfortable way to work on mostly small residences.

I’m confused by the the idea of people using a six inch wand because we’re already standing on tip-toe all the time to reach gutters and peaks and all. We have long range tips but we’re still reaching ALL the time from the ground and porches for the 10-12 foot stuff.

I have always thought of a ball valve as a safety/convenience thing for switching guns and surface cleaners. Do you really just stick a nozzle on there? Or is this a different kind of ball valve? Seems kind of dangerous with no trigger guard, wand or dead man switch.

Some guys try to wash using a ball valve or puttinh nozzles directly on the ball valve. Vendors that promote it are stupid. When there is little to be risked there is little to be gained. Ball valves are not needed for anything if you have proper equipment. Someone will say they are great to rinse concrete with but where is the safety cut off when you drop it? To the @JessWinter. They sell a handle that clamps pin the side of a wand but you really need ro invest $4 in a 0040 nozzle or $4k in a real machine. Either investment will get you off your tip toes.


Don’t gorilla grip the gun. It looks like it’s designed for the whole hand to squeeze, but if you do that you’re squeezing at fulcrum. It’s like trying to turn a ratchet from the head and not the handle.

Squeeze the lever from the end. Seriously. Try it and tell me it’s not easier. Don’t try it if you’re running hot water without heavy leather gloves though. The coupling gets blazing hot.

Also, cable clips if you’re washing non stop. They don’t last long so buy a handful, but if you drop the gun get ready to do a silly dance to step on it.


No cable grips. You drop it and someone gets hurt.

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Then he should get one of these, train constantly, and eat spinach in preparation for Popeye’s forearms.

I try to apply most of the stuff I learn from you, but… Honestly, I’ll take my chances with the cable clips on jobs where I’m washing non stop. I’ve broken more than a couple by dropping them without the weight of the gun. At 33 years old I’m already 5 years into problems with my hip… I don’t need arthritis or carpal tunnel to go with it.

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An old fire chief once told me “when there is little to be gained there is little to be risked”. Trip on a set of stairs in a breezeway, get bee stung, anything that makes you drop your gun and you’ve bypassed the safety, you are one lawsuit from bankruptcy if someone gets hurt. Use a 2315 gun. Once thou pull the trigger there is no tension against the release. Pm an addresd and I’ll send you one.

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And yet again I get schooled. Never even heard of a 2315 gun. I appreciate you. PM sent in about 60 seconds.

I should point out that I reversed all my fittings after you told me to on a previous post as you can see in the pic. I am listening. :slight_smile: “Lead with the male end. Less friction loss.”


I messed up the tendons in my hands 20 years ago and they have never really recovered. That is kind of what pushed me into more manual labor instead of sitting at a computer all day. Legit concern. Hand pain is one big question mark in my whole business plan. The 2315 looks like a godsend. I also came across this little wedge with a wrist strap. It will hold the trigger down, but if you lose control, it yanks out and the gun can shut off. Might be a better solution than a cable clip.

Add a swivel connection then you don’t have to fight the hose. Makes holding a Gun easier …