Pressure Wash Agricultural Equipment

Im in Southern California I just got this job of this big onion machine don’t kno what it’s called but it’s huge, I wanna kno what is a good price…?.
Just wants is pressure washed and Clean, Degrease the conveyor…
Any help thank you…!

Roughly how long do you think it would take you to do?
How often are they getting it done? And how often will they want you to do it?

It takes me around 5-6 hrs, Two machines only once a month…This guy said he’d do it for $200 is that fair…?..What do u think it should be priced at…?..

6 hours of work for $200???


Ask if he forgot a 0 on that price.

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Are you currently already doing it?
200 each or total?
Where are you located?
I’m in central Florida, I’d say 200 to 300 each.
What chemical can you use on them?

I’m in California, That price is for each…Takes 5 hrs total time…I can use Degreaser Super Clean or Simple Green…

Okay now i have this other project…Same pressure wash and degrease, How much for each…?..What do u guys think…?.Thank you…

I think you should charge whatever you need to to make a profit and stay in business. Asking random people how to price something isn’t going to accomplish anything positive for you.


Yea your right its just my first time doing this, Im just getting ideas on whats a good price range, Im not gonna listen to the first person common sense…Thank you…

$100 each for last two machines pictured if I was already there washing stuff or $200 each if I had to drive there just for them. Estimated driving 45min each way.
First machine pictured hard to quote as image doesn’t show details inside that requires degreasing and what shape they are in. Anywhere from $200 to $600.
And a big bag of choice onions.


Hey Aussie thank you i appreciate your help…