Pressure Vs. Heat

Forgive my ignorance and yes I’ve searched… Will increasing the pressure(3,500PSI) increase the boiling temp? Looking at doing flat work(fuel stations) using 8GPM X2 using 3500PSI at 190-200degrees.

All I know is the boil temp at sea level is 212f, and this is how a pressure cooker works so quickly, as it raises boil temp to 250f.

If you’re wanting to wash at 190f and keep it from boiling, you’d have to be at about 9000’ to worry about that.

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Yes, pressure increases temperature. As the pressure applied to the liquid surface is increased, the energy needed for the liquid molecules to expand to gas phase also increases. Hence, a higher temperature is required to change liquid to gas phase. So, boiling point of liquid rises on increasing pressure.

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He should be asking does he have the hp required to even achieve 35 or if his firebox is large enough to allow room for the combustion of the amount of fuel to get 8 gpm up to 200 degrees


@EVP if by X2 your meaning Siamese’ing 2 8gpm at 3500 to get twice the pressure to increases temp. It ain’t going to happen for you.

Double your pressure and run them in series yeah like a pressure cooker

@dperez man I’m hungry now

I got 3 pounds of wings in my air fryer ready for Frank’s Red Hot. Never done any pressure cooking, my pot roast goes in the oven.


What’s your altitude?

X 2 I mean running 2 8GPM pumps. Already have the set up.

I’m running Three Koehler 28HP engines. Two for pumps, one reclaim. 2, 770k burners.

Sea level

Are those air friers worth it? They have always made me think of a poorly insulated oven…

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We got an air fryer about 6 months ago. They’re great for fries, pizza rolls, etc because it gets stuff done FAST and everything is crispy. They’re basically a big toaster oven too so nice when I have to cook something for just me. Keeps me from using the big oven. I haven’t done any meat in it though but can see where wings would cook great in it. Everything tastes pretty close to deep frying but you can definitely tell the difference.

Pressure cookers are awesome for roasts. @dperez That same roast that takes hours in the oven will be done in 30 minutes and it’s juicy as can be. Definitely worth trying it sometime. I still have the old school type but they make those nice electrical ones that work with a push of the button. You don’t have to monitor pressure or anything.

Appreciate the valuable insight.

So what’s your question? Go clean them. You’ve got the equipment. Hope you’ve got big diesel tanks, running those heaters at 190 deg you’re going to be burning thru prob 3-4 gal/hr each.

So what’s the question? Are you running your burners with thermostats or just changing your orifice. I’m guessing a thermostat and setting it at 200 and the water is not getting hot

Yes, so I’m learning. I’m asking at what temp will I become ineffective with too much steam vs pressure of water? So at 3500PSI, what would the theoretical boiling temp be at sea level? More than 212F I’m assuming?

They are all different you will have to play with your machine. That thermostat is not accurate

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Yes thermostats. I’ve gathered as much with the in accuracies.