Pressure Tek 5.5 GPM 2500 PSI


Hello all, I am new to the pressure washing scene. Done a ton of research and looking at getting the 5.5 GPM 2500 PSI PW with the General Pump from Pressure Tek. What is everyone’s general thoughts or experiences on this machine. I am looking to do house wash/concrete surface cleaning/roof wash. I am also looking at the Whisper Wash Classic 19" to be paired with the PW from what I’ve read and learned this PW should be ample enough to power the surface cleaner. Am I correct in thinking this?


That’s what I have, no issues. Yes that surface cleaner should do.


I have the same machine. It works good for residential and most concrete. It won’t clean a roof though.


Yeah, not sure why I put the roof cleaning on there. I will have a separate setup for roof cleanings. Thanks for the input!


Sure it would. It would suck carrying the bucket around on the roof but it would work. Not recommended though.


It works great for house washing and that surface cleaner works well with it


I am using same machine and its working awesome. So you can go for it.


I have the same machine and am planning to purchase a WW Classic. WW techs told me the 25035 tips are ideal for our machine and the Classic… also said a light weight on the top might be needed with those tips.

I have rented a Classic this morning and will be using it for the next week and will be able to comment more about the difference between the stock tips and the 25035s.

I am using a 12" wand (have a 6" nipple I am planning to make up as my primary wand) and am using a jrod with downstreaming. The stock rinse tips that I got from Pressure Tek when I bought the jrod are pulling soap on me, so I got some different ones… and will test them out this week. I have just been using the wash tips and having to pull the hose from the downstream injector to rinse… not ideal but not horrid either, unless it is 95 and you want to chill in the shade while the hw dwells instead of head back and forth to the trailer…lol


Let me know your opinion on those tips. I’d be interested in the difference. Also, where do you see those 25035 tips. I can’t seem to find those. Unless I’m looking in the wrong place.


Well that was strange I posted that but for some reason it wasn’t under my name…


I got my 25035’s from my local pw store… did not know about them initially, so ordered stuff from PT.

My local store ordered them and I picked them up the next day… good to have relationship with your local store if you have one.


Let us know how the new jrod nozzles go. The 10’s fixed my problem so hopefully it will for you as well.