Pressure Switch Problems

Can a pressure switch be directly bolted to a bypass valve. I have a old Epps machine, with the machine off I’ve tested the switch and It works. I’ve cleaned the plunger and its moving. I think the problem is that the switch is bolted to the bypass on the same plane as the bypass discharge. Could this be causing the pressure switch to not engage.


Seems like it would. If water is being bypassed there won’t be enough pressure to engage the pressure switch.

Can you post a picture?

Heres a pic

Are there any ports on the pump where the pressure switch could be mounted?Another thing that might work is there should be two “IN” ports on your unloader. Your other “IN” is likely on the bottom. You could try and move the pressure switch there and see if it works.

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I could mont it on the pump but the way its bolted to the skid makes that a hassle. Ill try moving it to the bottom of the unloader and let you know. Thanks for all your help.

Update… buttom of the bypass was not an “in”, so I rigged it on to the pump and it works! Thanks again for your help.

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