Pressure pro or alcota hot water


Getting ready to buy all info appreciated,


Read for 2 weeks before asking questions…joining and then 2 hours later asking for answers to questions that have already been answered repeatedly won’t get you much help.

No offense intended…you’ll find that those who educate themselves before asking questions will get much more help when they need it than those who don’t.


From my Understanding and research. Alkota was All American Pressure Washers Before.

Between Alkota and Pressure Pro, the quality is probably about the same…


Atlas, Maybe he’s already done his research… And he has narrowed it down to 2 companies. Why not just answer his question?


Thank you very much that was what I was thinking seems like the pump and burners are the same on both


Can you post specs and price for each?

Motor Brand/size - pump brand/model - GPM/PSI - burner brand and other features or accessories they thrown into the package?

This would make it easier for most to give a response.

If they are both say Honda GX690, GP 8GPM/3500 PSI, Becket Burner set-up with 50 ft hose and generic gun then go with the cheaper one (This is assuming they are both exactly the same specs)


Most are going to have the same components the difference is going to be in the frame construction and the coil


The alkota has a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard and the pressure pro has a 20 horsepower Honda and I can get it for the same price as the Briggs & Stratton on the alkota the pressure Pro is 3500 PSI at 6 gallons per minute, the alkota is 3500 PSI at 5 gallon per minute, I can get the pressure Pro with all stainless steel frame,stainless steel hose reel, hundred extra foot of hose for $6,800


I can’t remember if the alkota has an AR pump or a general but I know the pressure pro has a general pump and a Beckett burner


Have you looked into hydrotek? Is the pressurepro part of the magnum series?


I have no idea,just checking my options


Those details are kinda important. I’m very happy with my hydrotek but the pressurepro magnum series seems to be nice. Nilfisk owns pressurepro and hydrotek the magnum seems to be an upper level of the pressurepro.


What does the Magnum consist of?



Yes that is the exact one


Everything I’ve heard about that one is good.


That’s great they are delivering it to me next week,big red supply,2.5 hrs away


Just curious, what’s most of your cleaning look like? A lot of commercial flat work?


Just getting ready to start up new business


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