Pressure Pro leaking Diesel/kerosene

So I saved up and bought a new Pressure Pro Hotbox for the summer. Used it a couple of times and on the second job noticed a nice colourful oil slick coming out of the bottom of it. Luckily I didn’t just blindly order it off the internet and bought it through a local shop in Seattle. They said they replaced the pad and the fuel pump but this was the picture from my most recent job. Wondering if this thing is a lemon or what. It’s leaking from the bottom of the unit. It’s a Pressure Pro HBS115-40. Calling the dealer later today

If I had to guess I would say fuel solenoid is faulty. What would happen is if you’re off the trigger the flame shuts off but diesel continues spraying through the fuel nozzle inside the burner. It pools up in the bottom and runs out any small opening.

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That would make sense. I know they replaced the sensor on the inlet side of the tank because it was “acting up” I have to say I’m pretty disappointed with the instructions & manual that came with the unit. No schematics just a basic manual saying all the do’s and donts of operating it

I would contact the manufacturer and request a service manual. If they give you the run around contact someone like (same as and see if they can email you one. They have always been extremely helpful.

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I have the same unit, and I’m also disappointed with the instructions. What are you using to power it? Generator or battery?

I tried a 2000w generator, it worked once and had to go with a 3000w

I’m using a 2000Watt predator generator. It seems to do the job, but the circuit breaker does trip every once & a while

I got a hold of Pressure Pro and they said the unit requires a 15AMP source. Somehow I thought my generator was rated at 15AMPs but it’s only 13.5 so I’m shopping for a new generator. Frustrated because the guys at the store where I bought it from said that it would be enough. I’m wondering if this is why it’s leaking fuel. It seems to light off and run ok, but I’m wondering if it’s doing some damage to the unit.

Once the fuel ignites it shouldn’t be an issue but maybe it’s not igniting right away? I’m not very knowledgeable on the 110v burners so don’t know the answer. Before buying another generator I would get an extension cord and plug it into an outlet in the house just to see what happens. You’ll then know if it’s a power problem. If it’s still leaking then tell them to fix it or exchange it.