Pressure hose

Could someone chime in and give me a good recommendation for pressure hose? Looking for something more playable that does not twist.

Ply able.

I run legacy 2 wire and like it. it’s a little heavy but holds up good

Pressure Tek ,Good year ,get a super or mosmatic swivel. Good price’s, fast cheap delivery, Bob’s the man


Envirospec runs a good deal on non marking grey hose a good bit check them out.

So far I’m enjoying jgb eagle wash. So much that I just order 2 more 200’ sections to have on hand.

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I got some pretty decent hose last week from L&H w/ swivel on one end. 100’ 4000 psi 1 wire gray - $109


I run the 1 wire, too. It’s held up fine so far.

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I am going to try some Suttner hose. No idea if it’s good or not, but got a good deal

Raptor blast

Goodyear Grey Hose, to a Mosmatic Swivel to SS Plugs to a ball valve an to a 2315 :100: