Pressure Hose to hose... Rigid to rigid or rigid to swivel & why?

So when you connect your sections of pressure wash hose with a swivel on one end and a rigid on the other, (United hose) is there a preferred way to connect them, like rigid to rigid or rigid to swivel?

Getting ready to attach a hundred fifty foot to my reel and then trying to figure out if it matters for the 150 foot connection to the 50 foot section if I do rigid to rigid there or if I want a swivel between those two sections.

Always used just one single length of Hose before, so not sure Pros or cons.

After that will be a 6-foot whip with a ball valve animals Maddox football…lol no…“and a mosmatic swivel”… Love speech to text…

So what is either “best practice” or preference and why… Always want to learn.

Thanks :grinning:

Swivels always lead from the reel

Thanks. I have the swivel on the 150’ attached to the reel. Just not sure if the 50’ should attach to the 150 rigid with swivel… Are you saying every section of Hose should have the swivel end toward the reel. If so, why just want to understand. Many thanks so Guru of all things pressure washing!!!

The swivel leads away from the reel. Fixed end is attached to the reel. You want the hose to swivel and not bind up when you are dragging it around



Guessing there is a trick to screwing 150’ of hose into the reel w/o the benefit of being able to turn the swivel??

That is why I went swivel to hose reel…I could get it to screw in.

Quick connects on the reel and hose. Don’t screw the hose into the reel

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Dang I could have swore I read that you’re not supposed to use quick connects to connect hose to the real cuz it makes it too bulky… Guess I’m going back to the pressure washer store tomorrow for some more quick connects!!!

Thanks a million pressure washing Guru!!!

I quick connect to the reel so I can disconnect when needed. I don’t use quick connects to join hose though

You’ll probably pay 2-3x what you can get them somewhere else for. My local hydraulic shop sells the stainless QCs for under $3.

Dultmeier is good too.

Buy the cheapest QC’s you can find and swap out the O-rings with these:

Cheap QC’s with viton o-rings are better than expensive QC’s with buna o-rings. Beleee dat!


Well now that I’ve dropped a ton of cash at the local pressure wash store, at least I’ll know for the future and I’ve developed a good relationship with the pressure washer store so if I get in a jam I’ve already got the relationship so I guess it’s money well-spent but hello hydraulic store. Thanks for that tip

Lol, well I just did. And now I finally get to go to bed… thanks a million man.

I originally bought the bunion o rings and then I was reading him on here about the vitons and so I got those…