Pressue washing or soft washing

hi i am new and wanting to know if soft washing is more profitable and how much are the chemicals i get a 55 gallon drum of 12 percent bleach for arounnd 140 it last around a mounth a little less some times what are yalls suggestoins veiws aprreccaite any info thanks jeremy

Mix soap, bleach and water. Stir. Apply gently to the dirty surface with a big fat tip and down streamer. Watch mold melt. Put the down streamer tube into a bucket of cold water and softly rinse the dead stuff away. Beauty revealed.

You have just soft washed your first job.

Our “chemicals” as you call them run no more than a couple percent per job. I can not tell the difference in my back pocket between 1.5% and 3% chemical cost.


Seems to be some confusion about the term “Soft Washing”. To some it means using a 12v pump system, while this is fine for cleaning roofs IMO it’s not recommended for washing houses. It just doesn’t have the impact psi to do an efficient job and relies more on chems.

Preferred method is downstreaming with a pressure washer at low psi…i.e. under 300-500 psi.

And to answer your question…Yes!

Doesnt matter if you are using a pressure washer with tips that produce 200psi or less, or a 12v pump. Either way I am softwashing.


So say my pressure cleaner puts out 5.5 gpm at 3500 psi. When Softwashing with the pressure cleaner should I turn the unloader down or should I turn the pressure cleaner throttle down? Last time I Softwash felt like there was too much water will downatreaming??

Crimp the garden hose so as to slow down the flow of water reaching the pump. This will cut back on your pressure and make a perfect balance


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Rirven, IB told you the appropriate nozzles to use in another thread. They are still the appropriate tips to use. Dont adjust unloader, or turn the throttle down.

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SĂł tu can use a pressure washer with a down stream set up to do a roof, just change the tip used on the gun?

Im trying to determine which is best for a guy just starting, roofs or concrete. If I could get one set up to do all, hat would be ideal. From what I’m reading, different set ups are required.

No. You can’t downstream strong enough chems to clean a roof. Roof will take a minimum 3% hitting the surface to be efficient.

Ok so different set ups are required. Thank you!