Preferred lance length for working on concrete and pavers with turbo nozzle or fan tip

My surface cleaner is great for basic cleaning of concrete, but does not get rid of stubborn lichens and extra deep mildew. When I cannot/do not want to use chemicals, I have to break out the fan tips or turbo nozzle to get more power on these tougher areas. The standard lance that comes with the pressure washer is so short that I have to bend over to get the nozzle close to the concrete. What lance length do you recommend for comfortably working on concrete/pavers with a turbo nozzle or fan tip? Iā€™m 5ā€™ 10" and use a 4500 PSI 4 GPM pressure washer with a bit of a push back.

We need more information.


You will probably be way happier with a 3 foot lance


But yeah, 3ā€™ is good.

Thanks. That sounds about right. Just enough to keep me from having to lean down to reach the pavement surface.

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