Predator engine coupon code

Here ya go. Predator engines on sale… again. Who woulda thought?

Anyway, if you’re trying to buy a cheap engine here’s your coupon code.

So for 1 decent hw or 2 rinky dink ones, roughly 5 hours work difference for the Honda, on a product that will last you thousands of hours and has an incredible history in our industry why would you even consider? One days missed work because of problems in the next 3 years, you’re breakeven. Two days and you’ve lost money.


You’re not telling me anything I don’t know. I don’t own a predator engine but some folks do.

And the people I know that own predators love em. But you and I agree. My money is going to Honda.

I am tempted to try one to see what the fuss is about though.

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I have to say that I have owned kholer Briggs and honda motors and this thing looks and sounds like a Honda. I’ve ran mine about 5 hours on break in and she sings! I paid $599 for mine and another $100 for a year warranty. If it goes down I can remove 4 bolts from the pump and 4 bolts from the base and exchange it at the store for a new one.

I will say that if I was a “full time” guy I would have went with the Honda. But for the 2 hours a day mine will run I think it’s money well spent! I’ll let you know if I have problems!

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But by the time you diagnose problem, remove said bolts, manhandle it into truck, drive to store, go thru exchange process, drive back home, manhandle it back in place, re-attach said bolts, juice it up, you’ve just about killed a couple of house washes.
I know people who run them to and haven’t had any problems, but some have. Just isn’t worth the risk to me. Good luck with yours, hope it never gives you any problems.


Or at $600, buy a spare and put in on the shelf and still save $600 over a Honda with a muffler. :slight_smile:


I like the Honda engines as well, but its funny we expect Honda’s to never fail or break.

Im a believer in back up to your back ups, and like to have two machines on the trailer anyways. Just in case one does fail, i can keep on working.


Couldn’t agree more.

Very true! But I still have my 12v as my backup! If it fails the only thing I really can’t do is surface clean. The 12v is my backup for now. But yes I whole heartedly agree that it’s a gamble. Me being small still is a pretty easy to roll gamble though. I only do 1 house a day after work and 4 over the weekends.

I’m using a predator and honestly? They are good engines. Where they cheap out seems to be on the small stuff, like the gas cap being plastic instead of metal etc. But they are good even for a daily driver. This is with the 420cc model. Haven’t had to do any maintainence for the past year and a half asides from a oil change. I will have to change the carb since I messed up a gasket leaving the fuel line open, but that’s my fault for being careless, would have to do the same with a Honda. Over the course of a decade? Who knows, I would still get Honda next time but Predator is OK.

Probably not.


Ya I never turn my fuel line off. Is that something I should be doing?

Yes. When the fuel line is left open fuel can potentially leak into the engine chamber, flooding your oil with gas and clogging the carburetor. It can even lead to a small explosion if severe enough. Now don’t worry, it won’t cause any permanent damage that I’m aware of, but it’s something to keep in mind. If your engine sputters a bit when starting then this is likely why.

I’ve had one of my Honda’s do the exact same thing when I forgot to turn the fuel off. I now run them out of fuel at the end of every day.

Here ya go you crazy kids!