Predator 420cc Electric start kit?

Been using my Predator 420 for a while now and love everything about it except having to drop the tail gate and pull start it, which depending on where I’m working I have to jump in the back to do so. Wanting to convert it to electric start but having a hard time finding a kit to convert it. Anyone have any luck switching it to electric? If so can you point me to the direction you got your kit from please?

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Are you using the predator engine that is premade as a pressure washer? The 420cc engines you buy by themselves are already electric start but they only thing I can add besides that is they’re almost identical to the gx390 Honda engines so you could maybe find something for that to convert it

It’s the premade pressure washers. Had to buy one in a pinch when my 390 caught fire. I’m liking the predator so far, just wish it was electric start.

Add a longer string, and put an eylet somewhere handy, similar to the way a mower moves the pull cord handle up near the user. Problem solved, and your welcome! Seriously, easy solution and less $$$.


And, in the event @CityPowerWashing doesn’t know, the rewind starter assy can be turned/rotated a few different ways to allow the operator to pull the rope out in different directions depending on your configurations demands.


cordless drill

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Just ordered this from Amazon it will arrive today;

Will let you know how it works, I have the 420cc Lifan on my washer, which came with pull start.

On some pull start engines you have to replace the fly wheel to switch to electric start. They don’t all have the teeth for the starter to engage. I would pull the shroud and check that first. They aren’t hard to replace it’s just a matter of how much you want to spend on the parts.

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Came in pretty heavy. Opened box; some pics of what the kit consists of. Knew from reviews no instructions included. Information available on web.

Installing on Monday, Read a little grinding on flywheel internals (cast lobes) might be needed for clearance of the charging assembly. Old school fitting parts. Just like in the Navy.

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Kit was $85 from Amazon, reasonable if it works. Still need to get a battery.

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Have you given it a whirl yet? Curious on if its worth it.

How is the kit holding up?

Would not recommend Had to recut keyway on flywheel it was way off from what was needed. Since I have a lathe (12 x 36) it was doable. Should have wrote this out earlier. Unless you can find one with the keyway cut correctly or have a lathe in the shop, cheaper to buy the engine with electric start

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