Predator 22 HP Engine Coupon

Hi there… Quick blurb as this is my first post ever. Thanks for having me aboard :slight_smile:
Looking forward to putting together a rig & getting out there very soon with the help of the info I glean from here & around the web. Thank you all in advance for the help & support!

Now as I’ve seen some folks are into Predator engines, Harbor Freight has a deal going for $659.99 (normally $749.99) with coupon 69519937 through March 31

Could come in handy as a back up (a back up of a back up as others have mentioned :wink:)

Have a good one & God bless!


I started a thing… lol


No way! I only had noticed a previous listing from 2018. Rookie mistake, ha! :blush:

By the way, where do I find said thing? Still getting my bearings around here.

I didn’t do a big thread on it. I just mated an udor gear drive 8gpm pump to one. My YouTube channel has some stuff on it. Just look for Schertz Services. I think I have a threadnon here that’s called predator build or something. Good setup and a few guys have built them after.


@SchertzServicesLLC is our anomoly. He hooks up the Cadillac of pumps and the Lincoln of remotes to the Pinto of engines


And make it work!


Pinto engines make great dune buggies! :+1:


My pinto had to learn to fly just now! Had to lift it high to clear the new ladder rack lol. Thank god for forklifts!


I’ll check out your YouTube :muscle:

If you don’t see any newer videos on there it means he’s waiting for a 25% off coupon to buy himself a new video camera for recording youtube videos. :grin:

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Actually I bought Blaire a sweet cannon camera for Christmas. Has HD recording. Going to start making videos with it lol… harbor freight has all my other business :rofl:

You buy a couple motors from a store and get labeled cheap forever!


I couldn’t resist. If you weren’t such a good sport I would’ve kept quiet.

You can either be a commercial plow business or be cheap. You just can’t be both.

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I’m cheap on the pressure washing stuff so I can afford the expensive plow stuff… it’s a viscous cycle :joy:


You are quite the handyman when it comes to plumbing & ingenuity with your rig!
Do I have you right, that manufacture those remote soap dispensers? Also, what year is your F150? & How has it served you? I’m looking around for a truck right now to get out there & give this a true shot.

I just meant that I know how much you spend on your plow business so I wouldn’t consider you cheap.

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It’s an 02 and it had been the best darn truck money could buy. I’ve had it for 11 years now.

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I’m fiddling with making and selling the remote soap switches. I sent one off to racer last week and he’s going to test it out.


Right on! I’ll keep my eye out on your product & its developments. Hope it goes well. & good to hear about the F150… been looking all over for a good truck, mainly for F150 (10,11 & 12 generations)
Been a tough search, ha! Lots of rust