Pre Wet Overspray?

I’ve searched and can’t seem to find an answer to this one.

I know that while roof cleaning you need to pre wet and rinse vegetation around the house to avoid damaging landscaping and vegetation. I’ll be having my helper doing this continually while I apply the roof mix. It also seems that you should pre wet dormers and any exposed siding near the shingles as well to avoid any damage or marks left behind.

My question is while wetting vegetation around the house it seems unavoidable that water will splash onto windows - has anyone found this means some windows need to be cleaned after the roof washing process is over? And if windows are exposed by the roof (say on a dormer for example) should this be pre wet and rinsed afterwards? I’m guessing in that case it might be best to just quickly clean those windows?

Maybe I’m over thinking it because I’m first and foremost a window cleaner but I was curious what everyone’s experience is with that. I’ve been doing lots of research and excited to get into roof cleaning for my business this year.

Depends, I usually just rinse the windows. If the customer wants them cleaned after the wash we do that too for a charge. Depending on where you live you might have some issues with hard water on the window after rinsing, Had one do that last year, spotted up the windows but it was way out in the country. The customer used some vinegar on the windows and they looked great. Just set expectations for the customer, fill them in a bit so there’s no surprises in the end.

I clean windows primarily and I still don’t clean them for free after a roof. I give it a quick hose down and if they want more I’ll add a window cleaning service. If they are pristine I’d recommend one after the cleaning as an additional charge. Or include in in the service as a standard and bundle it into the price. Then if they say they don’t need it take it off the price and then it’s their decision and you’re good to go.

We have fairly high TDS so spotting can be a possibility where I live. That being said, you guys have good points and I suppose just setting expectations at the start of the roof clean is whats important. Having the option of adding window cleaning on for them at a slightly reduced rate than normal might help make people more okay with the situation. We’re already there so discounting window cleaning a bit because of saving on travel time is definitely okay in my books.

Either way, it certainly beats the alternative of damaging landscaping with SH from the roof wash - thats for sure!