Powerwash.com-Fresh Wash and Newlook EBC in the house

Two new cleaning solutions we just got in today–Just in time. We have a High end client’s tennis court where doing tomorrow and she is into the Environment…So much so that she has an osmosis swimming pool where you can swim and drink the water at the same time becaues its coming from the natural springs underground. This you can drink

I promised my friend Carlos Gonzales that if the opportunity arises I will try his EBC product. I told him when I get some of my unusual jobs and the opportunity arives I will try this EBC that I have been reading about. If anyone remembers the picture I put up with the SNL plane crash behind that building I put in a bid for I had it locked until I did the Demo and blasted a chlorine mixture inside the warehouse to get rid of the mold in this Navy Bldg. The one exec. loved the Cleaning solution because he knows it kills mold by the smell. The bigger boss was this petite lady who couldnt breath to well after the demo and it was because of the Chlorine. She’s the boss and I lost the job on a demo(First for everything) She designed this building next to this one and if anyones familiar with the Jacob Javits center in Manhattan this building is much nicer with its all glass look.

She told us she’ll keep us in mind for future projects in this hi security area. So that chance is lost because I smoked her lungs… It would have never happen if I didnt forget my EBC sample at home.

So tomorrow is another day. I consider Michael Hinderliter a friend thru business and his Fresh wash is also getting great reviews. His product I can see us using many times if it does what it claims to do which is amongst other things help mask the smell of Sodium Hypochlorite. So tomorrow my guys are going to try both of these in one shot. I’ll be there. My Clients Husband will be there who was the former highest paid NHL player but his wife is so very grounded and we connect. She may not be there but from the texts I got I told Kathy she may be there because of something else I’m involved with.

So tomorrow is our test date for both products. EBC if it works as good as I’ve been told about it will go into our arsenal to sell cleaning jobs with an environmental flair to it. Carlos’s bigger test for us is next week when we do another Condo Complex. Tomorrows going to be interesting all accross the board. I’ll snap some pics and maybe some video but either way I’ll report my findings no matter what they maybe.

The arsenal was in my shop and now its in the trailer and away we go

[INDENT]I also want to add that since I joined PWR http://pressurewashingresource.com/vBulletin/forum.php I got a 5% discount on Fresh wash from www.powerwash.com Thankyou Michael on that and I should add that Jason Wellman from [URL=“http://www.filtershineusa.com/”]www.FilterShineUSA.com since he is my local supplier of EBC I bought the 10 gallons from him along with a few x-jets(We kill the X-jets with our strong chems) and Jason is the one who sold me on Michaels fresh wash. Not only does Jason sell products… he uses them or has tried many and he gives you what he thinks instead of a salesman who has no experience and is just trying to push a product on you… So thanks goes to Jason to sending me to Mike to try this Fresh wash… [/INDENT]

Have been using the EBC another good product.

Feel free to call if you have any questions John.

[INDENT]The results were excellent and I’m reviewing the video shortly. Typical though what happens to me. I had to leave to do 3 estimates. I generally don’t go to the residential work my guys do. This customer is important to me because of some other things so we talked for a few and then I left. Just got finished with my last estimate and my guys called to say they got paid and left for there 3rd and last job for the day… Typical. Didn’t have time to get back and finish the video.
The results were excellent because I watched for a few minutes to see what the cleaning results were and if the video is clear enough I’ll show it on the net. Quick note of caution… I never released any videos I have ever done-- because I never done one with me in it… So run for your life…lol I’m not a public speaker nor do I like public speaking-- main reason why I always liked the bulletin boards and of course working with people on things behind the scenes… I know my place in life. [/INDENT]

OK against my better judgement here are the video’s. I’ll make some better ones next time…and maybe without the Powerwasher running on the flabed in the background–oops-- But Time is money and in my daily schedule there is not enough time for me to stop the machines to do a video so the guys can stand around… I’ll get it together better the next time around.

[INDENT]Here is video #1 MOV09163.MPG - YouTube

Here is Video #2 MOV09164 - YouTube

What I didn’t explain in there was that the soap mixture is also being used to clean the tennis court as well which is why you see it getting shot pretty hard thru the fence to shoot it outwards onto the court. [/INDENT]