Powermate PW0952750 pump assembly (RX710)

I got a power washer from my friend. Unforunety he took it apart and now I’m trying put everything together. Can you tell me which way is correct for the rings?

Those “rings” facing you should be mounted toward the inside of the pump and those bolt holes will only line up one way.

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Your friend did you a disservice

The brass pressure rings get set flat side down against all the seals. The raised ridge presses against the crankcase which pushes everything tight. Only one is upside down. Now if everything beneath it is in the right order you’ll have to pull them.

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Thank you very much guys

I will flip the one. I have a question the part diagram calls for additional parts. But there are none and he is sure all the parts are there. My pump looks a little bit different.


Yes he did but with the help of you guys I can put that all together the right way.