Powering electric reels

What battery are you guys using to power your reels. My power washing starter battery it taking a beating ready to upgrade AGM? Maybe or just a starting battery?
It’s just to power reels

Optima blue top

You also might just need a $20 dollar valve adjustment. How many hours on it ? If you’re pw is hard to start,it’s not always the battery. Have it checked or get a battery/ load tester.

You need marine battery starter batteries are not going to hold up

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I’ve had good luck with o’Reilly batteries but you need a deep cycle marine battery. I’m running 2 electric reels and my 12 volt plus back up light bar on it

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Are you charging it off your 7 pin trailer connection @Kps0410 ? Just curious

No, I hook a charger to it every couple of days depending on use


Group 31??

Sams buy today, this should cover my reels. I hope.


How do you charge it?

Battery Tender the smallest one for now but
Think I’m going to order this

That’s what I use. Can’t beat the price

What was the price on that? Ive got sams membership too.

179.00+ core+tax came to like 209.00

I’m still on the fence about the NOCO charger because I have a small battery tender.

I have that same one and I like it. It’s been a good one so far and the price wasn’t bad.

Charger came in seems like a winner. Got the 3 bank only using 2 right now.

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I will be using my deep cycle marine used for soft wash battery that will ultimately charge up at nights, I’ll get a second battery to rotate in making life easier.

Just wondering how rotating a second battery in will make life easier?


One will inevitably be dead when your in need

Why do you fellas not just hook these extra batteries into the charge line on your truck. Makes life easy.

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