Power washing

I need to summit pricing to a company for power washing concrete by square foot. They want pricing from zero to 200,000 square feet. I need help with at what point does the prices change. Can someone help?

You’ll want to log in to Facebook and ask there. The real pros frequent those pages. We’re all here to mainly share food pictures and recipes and discuss nozzle sizing charts until we’re blue in the face. Good luck.


We bid on government contracts with 350,000+ SF and we don’t offer price breaks. We use a flat $/SF, but that is our market. A good conversation with your commercial contact might produce a wealth of information.

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We try to keep it in a range of treefiddy per square foot divided by pie, that’s the most accurate, for us anyhow.


3 minutes of read time, not likely to ever come back. I have wasted too much time at this point on this topic.


If only I could refer him to the “All you’ll ever need to know” thread. But, thankfully, that topic is safe in the lounge where only the more tenured members can read it and therefore keep all the industry trade secrets to themselves. :wink:

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Don’t tempt me.