Power Washing Tree Stumps

Normally if you get a tree cut down, the stump is not that objectionable. Stump grinder is an option, but if you’re on a budget, it’s not really worth the expense. You put a garden gnome on top of it and call it good.

But with all this heavy spring snow, everybody and his brother around here has uprooted trees lying in their yards. Instead of a little circle of wood in your yard, there is this massive root ball ripped out of the ground, bringing all dirt and rocks with it. There is no way to “cut it low”. You’ll surely mess up your saw if you try to cut through that. I don’t know if a stump grinder would even work. What about blasting all that dirt off with a turbo nozzle and then cutting it up like the rest of the tree? I have about 6 of these that I want to get rid of.

Why not just use a shovel to move the dirt around the stump?

Your wasting your time. Even if you are a bored retired man it still seems more cost efficient to have the root balls hauled off then just bring in a couple loads of dirt to fill said holes.