Power Washing Sidewalk

I have a question guys, I have a job coming up and it’s over 3/4 of a mile of sidewalk cleaning… Some areas are dirty and some aren’t…

My question is, what’s the most affective way at applying the chems on a job this size?? I think the DS injector will use up too much chemical and also the truck will be moving along every 250 feet so I’d hate to be moving the chem bucket every time…

I need idea, Soft Wash system? Back pack sprayer? Electric Spayer??? My mix needs to be strong and effective, my tech will be coming behind me washing as I apply the chems…

Thank’s in advance

What in tarnation??? Just put the bucket on the truck/trailer. Or, better yet, get a dedicated chemical tank and strap that sucker to the truck.

Also, if you’re able to (i.e. no storm drains, etc.) I’d probably just soak the entire sidewalk down with 4-6%(depending on what type of “dirty” you mean) and let clean it that way. I know @Firefighter4hire does concrete this way and I do too in certain situations.


Also, do not ever put a back pack sprayer full of chemicals on your or any other person’s back. Like meth, just don’t do it.


I agree with William. I’d just use a 12v to apply chem.

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@ShinedUP might have some insight on this as well.

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I have a trailer with 0 room for a chem tank or bucket… Like a Hydrotek rig

Also time is limited for this job, we have to complete it before people start walking the streets…

Can you post a pic of your trailer? Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can spot things you can’t.

Is the sidewalk dirty with organic stains or just dirt?

Oh and when I mean dirty I mean like restaurant walk way dirty with dark walk ways… other areas have coffee and soft drink spills


Like this

Got any pictures? You mentioned limited time to complete the job. The method I referred to with using a 12v to lay down chemicals would be about 20x faster than using a surface cleaner. But that method may not work for those stains. If it would, you’d probably be in and out in an hour and a half. Maybe less.

Oh, that’s easy. Throw your bucket on the fender and just bungee cord it to something where it won’t fall off. Drill a hole in the bucket lid and drop your pickup tube in there. Super simple.

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What 12v system would you recommend? I think a good chem application and some hot water wand work will honestly do the trick… I’d hate to take out the surface cleaner

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I’d recommend building your own. You can build a simple one for $400-600 bucks. It’s super simple. If you’re talking grease stains like on restaurant walkways then a soft wash method won’t do anything for you. You’d need the hot water and pressure and obviously good degreaser.

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Use this or similar. Buy an expanded metal wagon and put the tank in it. NorthStar ATV Boomless Broadcast and Spot Sprayer — 26-Gallon Capacity, 2.2 GPM, 12 Volts

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Downstream soap, surface clean, rinse with high pressure and you never have to switch off soap. We did 8500 ft of sidewalks and curbs today the same way I just described. Actually probably twice that curbs when you figure in the current around inner parking areas at apartment complex


Get yourself a receiver hitch welded up on the back, and a cart basket hitch, like a wheelchair carrier basket. Throw a tank on there, remove when finished or get one that folds up. Those hitch baskets Im talking about usually have a foldup ramp. And their cheap used. Or rent 1.


Id do it exacly as IBS said, using the method I mentioned for a temporary tank.

Agreed. I see no reason to be spraying 50/50 all over the place. Wasting money and burning possibly burning grass. I would ds as a pre, and force feed for the post. Or a 12v will work. Shouldn’t need anything stronger then 2% to post unless you’re dealing with tannin stains. You might be surprised how much ground can be covered this way. The normal way.

Ok now where talking!!! This is great!