Power Washing Mgmt Software

I’m looking for a customer/business management software for our power washing business. Anyone have any ideas or experience with software packages with customer management, forms, etc.?


I would love to know more about that as well.

It depends on what you want it to do and how many customers you are having to manage with the program. We use the service CEO program which is a little clunky but does the job. I understand their new we version has gotten better. If you are doing a few hundred customers a year probably Quick books. Quicken home and business if you are running off one desktop and 5 or fewer employees is an affordable avenue.

I’d like to be set up on a cloud with my operators using tablets. Customer signs the tablet with a pen, information saved permanently. Also gps tracking on the tablets. I’m just forming my company now though, I haven’t looked into it much.

I once worked at a moving company that ran 13 trucks with 13 tablets, they had gps tracking on all of them real time. They could tell G-forces, how hard you accelerate, how hard you brake. Pretty cool.

We do that with Service Bridge connected to Service Ceo. If we weren’t already locked in to the system we think Field Aware which communicates with Quick books looks like a decent one. For the functions you are talking about you can expect to pay 50-100$ per user per month, so it does cost a bit.

I think Quickbooks should be more than adequate for most people. For companies that have customers that are on a more frequent schedule it may be helpful to have a custom application. Why pay for something unless you really need it.

I feel like someone just asked this last week… Check out getjobber.com and thecustomerfactor.com
Both great pieces of software!

awesome thread guys! This is some useful stuff!

Not sure what you guys are looking for in your software but the PWRA offers discounts for members taking advantage of The Customer Factor ($120 off annual membership) and Jobber (30% off). I know Jobber you can trial the software for free. Email me if any PWRA members want the discount codes!