Power washing business lucrative?

I’m considering starting a power/pressure washing business in an area with a population of almost 400,000 people. I would do commercial and residential. Sidewalks, home siding, driveways, parking lots, windows, roofing, etc. I have $10,000 to start up.

With proper advertising, is this business a money maker? I have business experience.

How does the reclaim system work? (System to be compliant with city pollution ordinances)

Any general tips? I’m scared to invest in this only to fail.

Also, what suggestions on a rig? I’m thinking roughly 2,000psi 4-5GPM hot/cold. 200 gallon tank. Return tank for reclaim. All mounted to a trailer behind truck.

Thank you

Start reading


Theres a lot of information out there. I see a ton of “correct” and “should work” information. But as somebody coming from the nursing field, I prefer the most correct and proven methods/setups. I admit, maybe I’m taking the lazy route. I mostly see discussions between those in the profession. I dont know the first thing besides power washing my own properties with a small unit and that takes forever. I just need proper guidance.

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You didn’t state your location. Region will play a roll.

Where are you located?

Ok well let’s start with do you have a truck? Will you be working out of it or a trailer set up?

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Location of potential business is Wichita, Kansas.

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I do have a truck, and planning a trailer setup. I do not have a trailer or equipment yet.

What kind of truck

Suzuki x90

I wanted one of those when i saw it in a magazine at the dentist when i was maybe 10… thought it was so cool.

Do some reading… no different than the medical field really (minus saving lives). Once you have an understanding of everything, things make a lot more sense.

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It’s a 2013 dodge ram 1500 towing capacity of 6500lbs I think. I think the truck is sufficient enough in whatever I throw at it. Dual axle trailer? Is it cheaper to buy a setup or build one myself?

Donut, I try reading up as much as possible. But theres a lot of conflicting information. I see success and failure stories all over and seems to be 50/50. But nobody really divulges why they did to be successful, or what they didnt do to fail. I dont want to fall in the failing statistic.

Here’s the link to the proper search bar (bottom of the linked page). As you read you’ll learn who you can trust for advice and opinions. You’ll find all your answers and learn much much more.

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I will read into everything more in the morning. I appreciate it

What makes you think the immediate answers you get on here will differ? As you research threads you’ll get to see the debates that come with it. Being spoon fed isn’t gonna make you successful


You are absolutely correct. If I run into any questions about something in particular I will post here. Thank you.


You’ll be surprised how much other stuff you’ll learn while researching. Best of luck, you’re in the right place.

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Couple things, Wichita KS requires water reclamation?

Also check around for competition, if the market is saturated with cleaners you’ll have a tough time.

May want to find a used setup, plenty out there for sale. Probably not a good idea to offer all those services right off the bat, I’ve been at it since September and I still don’t quite have the hang of the basics like housewashing and concrete.

The way I look at it is if there’s lots of “competition”, there’s lots of work. You’re right though, it’s important to have the knowledge and hands on experience before offering any services.

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