Power washing associations

I am looking at joining some of these associations so that way I can add these things to my website and flyers to help with marketing. Could some of you please recommend some and give the pros and cons.

Only legitimate one is pwra

I’ve been wondering about this too. I was looking at some posts from a few months ago last night and noticed that PWRA was no longer taking new members starting a couple months ago it looked like.

Is it still possible to join PWRA? Are there requirements as far as how big your business has to be or how long you’ve been in business? What are the benefits?

I’ve read that several of you guys mention getting a discount ordering from PressureTek. I’ve made a few orders from their site already and foresee myself placing more as time goes on and definitely wouldn’t mind a discount, especially since they don’t offer free shipping like a few other sites. But that alone probably isn’t reason enough to become a member of PWRA.

Do you guys have any other helpful comments about it?

Customers wont have any idea who they are, but i still think it’s nice to be able to put them on your website, and would help more than hurt. I wouldn’t call it a critical decision or anything. I think for the most part it’s a camaraderie thing.

I joined PWRA partly to use the logo on marketing, but also because i wanted access to the perks, and to support my favorite forum. Haven’t really used the perks, though. Not sure if i even knew there was a Pressure Tek discount… i will have to look into that.

It does not matter if they understand the logo or not. These things help from a marketing standpoint. Just like using a logo for an ssl cert on a website at checkout. They don’t understand how or why it works, but they know it’s good stuff.

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