Powdered Bleach

I have a hard time getting quality SH here has anyone had experience with the powder and how to use it? I know it can leave a haze but wouldn’t rinsing do away with that?

There are some that use it. Most have not had good experience with it. The haze it can leave does not just rinse off you may actually need acid to remove it. When I go to buy sh even at the chemical supply house if I ask for sh most people look at me like I have 2 heads. I now just ask for liquid chlorine or whatever brand name I know they carry.

John we get ours from a place that supplies pool supply businesses. It took me years to find a good distributor, keep calling around your bound to find something good, maybe even a place that delivers. We get about a thousand gallons at a time. I havent heard to many good reviews on the powdered stuff.

Quick answer, don’t use power bleach. It will make a big mess leaving white residue.

We’re lucky to live in an area that is very arid, and hardly every requires bleach, but from what I understand-- the most important thing to consider when buying chlorine is to get it fresh. It degrades quickly over time.

Thanks for the info no powder for me!!! I will get some drive time in.