Powder mix

I find myself in the rare situation of having to make 100 plus gallons of powder water mixed solution. I know warm water is the best way but it’s probably not going to be available in this situation. Any tips on mixing large quantities. I’m leaning twords trying to figure out a homemade jet agitation system so I can just mix it with cold water so any advise on that is also welcome.

A couple of fast fish in tyvek suits should do it.

Unless you’re making kool aid… then the tyvek suits are unnecessary.


Joking aside. A hole saw big enough to get a drill chuck into on a piece of plywood with mixing paddle in the drill with a trigger lock sounds like a fun project.

You think if I make a super concentrate it would mix better with cold water. For example. I confidence 100 gallons worth of powder into a 20 gallon tank. Then mix 20 gallons at a time as needed from the super concentrate.

What powder are you mixing?

This seems like a question for Walter White


F8 oxbright from PT

I don’t even know what that is. Hang tight.


Oxalic basically. I love pressuretek, but if it’s strictly oxalic they’re selling you’re paying about double what you should be.

Love your vendors. But know when you’re getting vendored.

Also, I mix up oxalic (or whatever I need the next day) the evening before. Never once had an issue with it not mixing and never used warm water.

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I’ve tried oxalic for the same situation with less than impressive results. Are we sure there’s not something else in there that’s adding better results or did I just get a dud batch or order crappy product

For awhile I brought a fiver of hot water with me. Kind of overkill.

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If you want warm water, go to uline and buy a handful of black 7 gallon buckets. Leave water in them. When it’s 90+ degrees out warm water in black buckets will never be a problem.

I’m not sure if there’s anything else in the ox brite, but I’m fairly certain there magic pixie dust in F9. It just works better for some magical reason.

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Lesson learned. Glad I asked now lol

Also, that’s only two pounds of oxalic in that bottle thing you posted. I’ve never had a problem with the stuff I get from Florida Labs.


Lol cheaper on amazon than direct. Gotta love it!

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They told me that on the phone once. I use to call to order and then the lady was like, “Do you know about Amazon?” Haha

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Ok @Sharpe, my curiosity killing me. What the heck you cleaning that needs 100 gals of oxalic mixed up?




A giant house with cedar plank siding. He wants it brightened before oiling. He’s already used his home washer on it in the past and basically ruined it. Its turning green. All furry. I did test spots with 3% mix direct applied then neutralized/ brightened with ox. He wants the whole house done the same way. Test spots did come out nice.