Post treatment?

I don’t understand the idea of post treating concrete. Pre treating makes 100% sense to me, but this whole post treating thing doesn’t make sense.

If the job’s done proper, why the need to post treat?

Because it works.


Sometimes it makes sense to use $5 in chem to post treat instead of spending the time it takes to get rid of any striping caused by the SC.

Post treating helps blend the lines left from surface cleaning and when the SH dries on the concrete it leaves a whiter and brighter finish due to the white residue left. Also helps keep the organic from growing back for a longer period of time.

I believe it’s either due to the salt barrier or because when it rains it re activated the cleaner a bit. But don’t quote me on that lol.


Now the honesty part. Have you ever left stripes on concrete?


No don’t delete, new guys will think post treating is for idiots.

I deleted a comment I thought was dumb, lol I said something like “just ask dcbrock about leaving lines lol.”

But anyways yes. Post treating is important as I mentioned above.

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That’s why I deleted it :joy:

Real men wear spandex :muscle:


Not in SC they don’t


I was just thanking “I’ve never seen a man in spandex in a kayak.” :rofl: I’m from FL too, so not there either.

Where I live is like the bicycle training center for the country because of the mountains so do have a lot of those guys running around and some of them are real men.

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When post treating do you just use SH and water or do you use surfactant also?

i use a tad bit of surfactant. i’ve heard it helps your SH penetrate the surface.