Post treating concrete question

Sorry I’m beating a dead horse here, but I just got a 4000 sq/ft concrete job and most of it is older, smooth driveway. I’m very good on aggregate but I struggle with this stuff.

The push/pull or 1/3 method I’ve been using to prevent stripes just isn’t doable with this big of a job, I’ll need to do it the ‘normal’ way in Racer’s video.

My question, if I do end up getting stripes, what strength post treatment do I need to absolutely get rid of any leftovers? I can’t risk any lines on this job.

From memory, isn’t it like 2-3%?

I just washed my old ugly driveway and it left some stripping, but I poured some 2-3% over it and it evened itself out

Since I moved to a 4-nozzle bar and a 2% post-treat (direct application with 12v), I havent had even a slight amount of striping even on the nastiest drive this summer. 2% is probably overkill, but it sure as heck works. Just make sure you don’t hit the grass. Misting, not soaking

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As long as ur psi is around 2500 and you post treat with a 2-5% mix left to dry, you will be fine. “Craig circle method” or horizontal to field of view of the customers doorway or street, you will be just fine.


As the guys have said 2-3% is on point with general post treating. If in doubt 50/50 and watch the grass if any is present.

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2-3% if I do. But most of the time I use heat on concrete.

I put 1ppool chlorine on it straight from the bottle and hit it with 2500 psi MiTM surface cleaner and collect the cash.

You’re wasting chem if you’re really pouring straight from the bottle. And you really should have a surfactant, too.

Plus, that doesn’t look professional at all. I can’t imagine doing a driveway where I had to pour straight from the bottle. The time it would take is insane.

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What temp do you use on residential concrete? You know, not extremely dirty, greasy concrete but just your normal driveway with some dirt and mildew.

Ya, I’m curious how this affects it, it would burn a little diesel but might not be that bad. It’s off-road diesel anyways.

I have a 65 gallon tank that my cem is in. I meant to say I put it on straight through downstream

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Usually between 150-170 degrees on most residential concrete till I get to oil and grease, then it goes up. I like the heat, it really helps a lot, really no post treatment most of the time. Little more fuel expense, but I build that into the price.


Yet again…

I try so hard lol…just doesn’t happen for me. Back to 1/3 again.

How many psi are you getting at the end of your hose?


Looks etched?

For crying out loud brock, end your misery :face_with_hand_over_mouth:image


Right about 2500 according to my gauge.

Man, with my luck I’d still manage to stripe it.

This is still wet, correct?

Try getting rid of that ridiculous 90 you have on your surface cleaner going into your swivel, psi and flow kind of matter with surface cleaners, if it lifts put something on top of it. You don’t always need 200+ feet of hose either for driveways, have 2 sections of 100 foot and see if it helps.