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I need some help with a job. I’m working with a small construction company that wants me to clean this driveway. It is 1 year old. I priced accordingly and have been reading but want to hear how you would approach this. What tips in my SC? I have a 4200 4 gpm . What chemicals? I saw where @Racer used a EBC which I’m not familiar with ,what one should I get or if there is a better option. Do I run at full throttle? Thanks.

After even a year on new concrete I wouldn’t use a surfave cleaner …you will probably take off that top coat and having to call your insurance they need to replace a driveway

Go with the wand and use some chemicals

@Jrk what Chems?

I’ve used red raider on mud like that and works well.

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95 percent of my pressure washing work is new construction washing…most of the time I just use water and a variable pressure wand so I can hit that sweet spot …every pour is diffrent some are good …some suck …just hate for you to use a surface cleaner and end up like alot of new guys that have a destroyed driveway because they wanted to use a sc to make it quick…but if you want too use your sc try a small back corner and go slow to test the driveway for scaring if you have circles go to the wand

I’m not looking to go fast just trying to determine the best method. I quoted thinking it would be super hard but the want sounds like it would be really easy. Are you talking about red raider from south side?

did a house that has concrete similar to that this morning

On new concrete I usually use ball valve rinse with hot water. Some on here have use sc on newer concrete though, maybe idle down for sure.

Awesome thanks. I’ll try to ask @Racer what he thinks. He did a similar driveway and made a post last week.

You could probably follow Rick’s thread to a “T” because it’s pretty much an identical job. Yes, Red Raider is from Southside. You can use it in place of the EBC that Rick used. It works the same and is about half the price. If you want to use EBC you can get it through Sherwin Williams. They might have to order it so plan ahead. Ask Rick where he gets his since his store might keep it in stock for him.

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Thanks @marinegrunt very helpful. I’ll try to give him a call tomorrow.