Possible first commercial job

I’ve just done houses the past three years. Today I got a request to bid two small one story buildings, and what I can tell online they are pretty nasty.

Those of you that do this sort of thing, are we just talking 2-3% and rinse or am I in for a few surprises that require more expertise? Also from my WC days, there is usually a spigot that requires a water key, are those standard garden hose fittings?

It’s just one giant house brock. Key things to think of are traffic and pedestrian management, hose layout if traffic is a thing and overspray on vehicles/humans that could be problematic with overspray shooting high up. Turn on any outside lighting and take photos to not get blamed for electrical/blown bulbs. Spigots I have no idea for you area.

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So generally bleach is still the go-to I take it?

Absolutely. If it’s organic. The only thing I don’t use bleach on is construction cleanups.

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They are if they are complete. You’ll often see the adapter missing. If so you don’t be able to thread a 3/4" GH to it. You need your own adapter in your tool kit.


Huh, good to know. I’ll have to pick one up.