Portable pressure washer

I’ve made a few posts on here but I feel like I’m not explaining myself very well (please bare with me) and that’s my fault or if i was in the right “department” I’m looking to power wash part time on top of my full time job. I don’t have the option to get a trailer rig because I don’t think my midsized truck can tow a trailer with a big enough gallon tank to make it worth while. i live in an apartment with limited storage and I have to commute a ways to where the power washing jobs are and that’s a lot of weight to carry around. And seeing as I’m expecting 2-4 jobs a week max I don’t think investing 5+ thousand dollars would be even worth it if I’m not solely depending on power washing for income. I was looking at this portable pressure washer. It’s 4GPM, 4400 PSI, belt drive, Honda motor, AAA pump, etc. do you guys think this would fit my needs? What do you think of the brand, pump, etc https://pittsburghsprayequip.com/products/simpson®-aluminum-water-blaster-series-4400-psi-4-0-gpm-gas-pressure-washer?keyword=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxOHKht-s6QIVgY5bCh1JUwOUEAQYASABEgKej_D_BwE#

That’s rubbish, buy yourself a used machine with a decent pump.

Not sure of your truck but most mid size trucks can tow around 7K lbs so that should be fine for a small 5x8 trailer etc. A 5.5GPM wouldn’t need a large buffer tank. You could run 65 or even 100 gallons. Just a thought. Storing it at your complex might be an issue yes.

What pumps would you recommend?

I have a 2007 Chevy Colorado 5cyl and I guess based on the owners manual I can only tow 4,000lbs. But Id have to drive 40 mins from where I am to do the pressure washing jobs and that’s a lot of weight to tow around. Like 2-300 miles a week

Looks right (4K lbs). I’d still run a 5.5GPM washer in the bed of the truck with a 65 gallon tank. Look into helper springs for the rear too. Don’t haul it with water.

@Jordie is the forum sales rep can set you up. Bob at Pressuretek is also great.

Beginner List with links Check this out for odds and ends etc.

Awesome thanks man i really appreciate it

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Search on this forum to get an idea of what people use, discussing pumps on here is like discussing politics while drunk. with 2-4 jobs a week any good brand name pump will do you good, stay away from direct drives unless you know what your doing with plumbing. 4000 pound towing capacity is more than enough for a decent setup.


Okay noted. Thank you I appreciate it

Find some closer jobs. If you’re in an apartment complex, got to be houses a lot closer than what you’re talking about.


You’re not gonna be actually hauling water to the site, you get it once you are there. A 30 gallon buffer tank is plenty for up to 5.5gpm machine.

Look, I pull a 2000# loaded trailer with my 2001 Sienna…I’m sure your pickup is more than capable of pulling the same.


I’m sorry for the misunderstanding I think I should have done more research before posting. Thank you for correcting me it’s a little embarrassing i thought the tanks had to be full and that you were completely relying on the tank for water which was a whirl of confusion to me. I was thinking you would run out of water quick if you relied on the tank solely. I should have posted this is the “newbie” section haha thank you for your time I appreciate it

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I’m kind of in a pickle with job location. My parents actually own a carpet cleaning company that offers pressure washing as well and i work for them full time. They have a limit of about 30 minutes or so from our shop that they’re willing to do jobs at so being respectful of their territory I’m looking at at least minimum of an hour commute to the job and back just to do one job regardless of the size. I’m mean, either way I’ll be making 2-3 times more than my hourly rate with my parents so I’m okay with that. As much as I’d want to do local jobs they’re just not working with me on it. I offered to give them a percentage of jobs I do just for letting me do work in their area but it’s not enough. Family and business is tough my friends.

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In your other thread you said pressure washing only consisted of about 5% of your families business. That’s such a small number you wouldn’t take any work from them by working the same area. In all honesty if you only plan on doing 4 jobs a week you will be able to throw extra work to your parent’s way. You’ll get your 2-4 jobs a week and your parents can go from 5% pressure washing to ten times that if they wanted. It’s a win win for both. Sounds like it’s more of a power grab and they want you to continue working for them instead of starting your own business. I could see if you wanted to start a carpet cleaning business since that is probably 95% of their business but 5% is nothing.

You would think so. I would put up flyers on telephone poles, door hangers on houses that look like they could use pressure washing, anything. I started gutter cleaning because it’s a service they don’t offer and actually got quite a bit of jobs by handing out door hangers for gutter cleaning to houses with vegetation growing out of the gutters lol. and I could do it locally and they still didn’t like me doing that. I mean, like us all, I want to be successful. They don’t need to retire for 15+ years and I’m not waiting until then to make a decent living. I tried college, not for me. I want to
be my own boss and i want to start now. This has been a practical battle with them and I’ve tried every way possible to make it worth their while and nothing works