Porpoising While Towing

HA! I found one.

So is it simply weight distribution that might cause a constant pushing and pulling when hauling a trailer?

I’ve looked it up on other sites but would like to hear what you guys know.

Push and pull would be water . Side to side while can be water or I proper weight distribution

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Try to haul with your tank either full or empty. 1/2 full tanks tend to make a light truck sway front to back

After a few years pulling a baffleless tanker you’ll feel the rocking in your sleep. I hardly even notice it with my 330 gallon tank. You do have electric trailer brakes and not a Hydralic surge brake system on your tougne? Those will only amplify the moving water.

Driving with empty tank. But 12 gal of diesel and 6 gasoline.

Yes, electric brakes.

What size is trailer?

5x8 open pulled with toyota sienna 3500 lb towing capacity

Ony times i have experienced it was when trailer was wayyyyy to heavy for truck, and at higher speeds on interstate.

18 gal, plus equipment shouldn’t overload trailer unless you have it all on one end of the trailer.

Check tongue weights, possibly shocks on van could be a contributing factor, and look into a hitch weight distributor… they do help.

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Typically anything that drives like a Lexus when empty doesn’t handle trailers well. You can switch out the shocks To the ones they use on mobility vans “ wheel chair vans “ but it will ride rough without the trailer.


Trailer gvwr is 2990. Trailer itself weighs 900. Axle rating 3500lbs.

Pressure washer, hot water heater, 2 reels, surface cleaner, chemical, fuel tanks, 30 gal buffer tank.

I have pics somewhere.

Does trailer sit level when hooked up?

That I have to double check. Was looking at it this morning and it looked front heavy. Got to put a level to it.

Id start there… level trailer and right tongue weight.

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Ok, thanks mate. Needed that confirmation.

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And they say we arent helpful!!