Porch.com lead

I signed up for Porch.com a couple of weeks ago. I signed up for the optional leads meaning that I could read about the lead and buy it if I wanted to try to get it. I had gotten one lead sent to me about 2wks ago, I was not interested and did not buy it.

This morning, I got a lead on a house 6 miles away, so I decided to buy it…$18. I got the contact info and within minutes I had made contact with the owner and converted on it. I have an after lunch appointment for tomorrow.

I don’t think that Porch will ever amount to much, for me…but I get to pick the leads and getting a job every now and then will work.


Keep us posted how porch turns out for you

I JUST got my first Porch lead today. Painting job but still a lead. Called the lady and she picked right up. Moving down here soon and blah blah. Anyways, gave me the name and number to her agent so I can put my eyes on it. I’ll let y’all know how it goes

It won’t amount to much as I am in a rural area…it will probably just be an occasional job. However, I would like to have 2 a week like the one that I did today…easy money.

How’s the pollen wash coming?

No takers…

You gotten it out there much?

What’s a pollen wash? Yellow on the house?

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I have tried…not sure how effective I have been.

Converted on a $900 porch lead today and setup a $300 job for Monday so it has paid for itself already. Not to shabby so far.

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Good deal.

In over a month since signing up, I have only been offered 2 leads…I accepted 1 of the 2 and converted on it.

Like I try to tell folks, I am not in a good area for pressure washing.

Hey if I keep getting one or two a month I’m perfectly happy with not lifting a finger besides to make a phone call you know what I mean.

Yep, I know what you mean.

Hello! Sorry for reviving a dead thread but much better than creating new ones IMO. Can anyone provide updates on the success with Porch.com? I see they have a Vetted system that cost almost $400. Is it worth it?

Absolutely not. At least around here, they don’t get many leads and 65% of them you can never get in touch with. I’ve had maybe 15 leads in 2years and have maybe done one job.

Racer, thank you SO MUCH for all you do for us newbs!. I’ve been compiling a list of the top 6-7 contributors with the intentions of sending y’all personal thank yous but I may as well do yours here. The information you’ve provided in the many posts I’ve viewed is invaluable. Thank you SO very much for teaching us.