Popping gum cold water

I have a small gas station i will be washing. It will be my first and there is a couple of gum spots. I dont have a hot box yet and wonder if their are any other ways to remove it for the time being. Is there any special chemical i can use to break it down? Any help would be great.

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I’ve heard guys having some success with “Goof Off” / “Goop Off” From my understanding you have to let it sit 20 minutes then scrape it off with a putty knife. I’ve never tried it, but this is one I’ve heard for guys not using hot water…

Some things are just meant for hot water.

Ok. I might have to try that if it comes to that. Thanks for the helpful info!

I have seen some (not complete) success with LA Awesome. They sell this stuff at Wal-Mart. We use Husky through W.E.T. here in central Texas.

The sell aerosol cans that can freeze the gum then it pops off with a scraper. I keep meaning to order some to try it.

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I had luck recently just using a narrow pattern 4 gpm tip. Didn’t damage any concrete and it removed the gum.

Respectfully don’t know why you would bid a gas station clean and gum pop with only having cold water. Your bringing a knife to a gun fight.

I would not thing freezing gum would work well on that kind of concrete. Maye on smooth troweled concrete but not broomed concrete.

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Restaurant supply stores sell the aerosol that freezes. It will pop off w a putty knife or crack in pieces if you tap w a hammer.

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You better bring some knee pads. I’ve done this one time and will never do it again. I just tell the client I will do the cleaning if they want but I personally can’t do much with the gum.

Excuse me… Twice. One time I did ok the other was a nightmare

It’s more difficult to remove gum from concrete with a cold water machine and not remove the cream from the concrete along with the gum, especially if the gum has been there a long time. The best way to remove gum is with a hot water machine and a dual lance wand. The dual lance wand allows you to lower the pressure so that you can remove the gum without messing up the cream. Once the cream is etched out you cannot repair it. I’ve used goof off on carpet to remove gum but I’ve never tried it on concrete.

I agree with Tupac, you have to use what you have at the time. Looking back, I wouldn’t recommend cleaning a gas station without hot water. Regardless, this was 2 years ago and I have a hot box now :slight_smile:

Can of air duster up side down and you can freeze gum

Rent a hot water machine. You shouldn’t be cleaning a gas station with cold water

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But people will always try. Lol

Ha. Ya. That’s for sure. If you need hot water anywhere its gas stations and dumpster pads. Probably a reclamation system too but I wont get into that. The mans gotta eat.

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Goof off, a.k.a. d-limonene, would be best to remove the gum. It will make it more like fresh gum that can be removed.

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