Poor Drainage

Has anyone had issues with poor drainage at residential jobs? I have done a few back patios with my surface cleaner and left behind a massive puddle/lake of muddy water. Any body have ideas on how to avoid this? I have to go back to the house today to pump it out.

I have been running into the same issue! I am also looking for a solution! the best i have thought of is a wet/dry shop vac

Hey guys the names Jose and I’m the owner of Dade Pressure Clean in Miami, FL. I recently had a job where the back patio area had horrible drainage. i used a shop vac to remove the puddles and it worked out great just adds some time to the job. so its important to consider drainage when quoting lol

I try to cut out a drain for water to go out most times just no where to go
I keep a big snow shovel and bucket for when I got to scoop up water.
or scoop it up and pitch it out over the yard if I can sometime with the mud its ugly… good rain helps clean it ou…

Back pack blower works good in these situations…

Maybe I’m missing something but, if a home owner hires me to spray their house down with water, they better expect their yard to be wet for a while afterwards. If they want the water removed, they’re gonna pay a heck lf a lot more than what they paid me to spray it.


Keep one of these on your rig.


I think he’s talking about when a patio or driveway won’t drain properly and all the wash water pools in a corner or in the center. You can’t just leave them with a small lake on the patio when your done.

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KMP That one says Little Giant 505000 5-MSP Submersible

Id like one to drain from the bottom. not to be all the way Submersed
Most times there is a PILE OF MUD where it needs draining

It does drain from the bottom. It will drain down to an 1/8 inch of water because of the flat bottom at 1200 gallons an hour. I have used it many times with poor drainage areas like patios and pool areas.

I also use this for large amounts of water and sludge when needed. It’s a beast.


Set expectations! Tell the homeowner that there may be standing water for a while but it will soak in. They know if they have a drainage problem and will probably tell you. AS long as they are expecting it there should be no problem.

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I agree with you in theory about setting expectations but in this case the water you are leaving behind will be dirty and leave a dirty stain on the concrete. Another thing to consider is if they are talking to different pressure wash contractors and someone else tells the customer that they won’t leave any standing water behind, you are at a disadvantage. Also, if you don’t know there is a drainage problem and they don’t tell you about it how do you set expectations, do you just tell every potential customer there might be standing water? Most drainage problems are found during the washing process, not before.

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