Pool water destroyed my pump

Against my better judgement I thought I’d force feed my GP EZ4040G with a centrifugal 6 gpm grunfos pump from my pool. It worked great and I was recycling old pool water. What could go wrong right? Well I go out to use it after not using it all winter (Phoenix mild winter with no freeze this year) and fired her up.

Absolutely no outlet water. 0. None. Hooked up to faucet water and still no water regardless if it’s on or off. Filters are all clean. I’m running a k7 unloader. Sight glass is super milky.

Can’t afford to buy a new one and look forward to fixing this one. I’ve found all the repair kits for my specific pump. What am I looking for when I tear this thing apart so I know which kit to buy?

Someone on here may be willing to sell you a used pump after they upgraded.

You sure it’s the pump and not the unloader? It might be stuck in bypass.

I will check the unloader. But have a gander at this here pump oil.

Does it taste like a milkshake too? Looks like you already drank half a glass of it.

I think you’re headed in the right direction with rebuilding the pump.

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Thanks just need affirmation. . one thing I found was the bottom 1 way spring valves they were glued shut by flex seal. I may or may not have used it to seal the buffer tank plumbing like a noob and didn’t let it dry fully :+1::ok_hand::woozy_face::smile:

Water usually contaminates pump oil 2 way
The oil fill cap or a cracked piston . It can be very difficult to find a crack in the ceramic piston. You will have to look carefully.

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Like florida_condo_cleani said, check the filler cap. If the little piece that says OIL on top has popped off of the cap, you’ll have water in the pump every time it rains (Don’t ask me how I learned this the hard way). If that is the case flush the pump, I ended up using diesel as a final “rinse”. Then refilled with non detergent oil, no more milkshake.

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