Pool Paint Prep

So I got a customer that is wanting a painting of their pool. Is it necessary for flaked patches to be plastered before priming and painting using epoxy primer and epoxy paint? I am figuring that the 2 part primer will “blend” in rough patches of flaking paint.

here you can see a spot that needs flaking repair. I’ve contacted a pool renovation company and they recommend a re-plastering. Now I can certainly do the cleaning. But as far as the patch repair. Anyone have insight?

Ok so I have o my done this once and I will never do it again you gotta scrape all the loose stuff off and vacuum it up then wipe the whole thing down with a adhesive cloth. Be careful because you can only mix so much two part epoxy at one time. Please wear a respirator even if it’s in open air. Plan for mixing it’s better to have a helper mix so the next batch is ready and you can blend it in. Dont let one section start to set up before you start the next. If you mess up have a grinder with a flap wheel. Well a grinder with a flap wheel is great for loose removal also. Oh and remember that if a chunk comes off you need to soften the corners of the missing part if you dont it will show. Water magnifies mistakes

Man, my advice is flip that to a pool company. I used to work for a pool company and did everything from maintenance cleaning to new construction. It’s honestly just a pain in the neck and there is so much easier money to be made.


Be careful it’s a specialized field , most coating manufacturers will not honour warranty claims if their product is applied over a previous coating that has adhesion issues.
Usually they require complete removal of prior coating .
This is especially important for pools and tanks etc.