Pool drain fiasco

This is a question for @Greg755 (I think), but any other thoughts are always appreciated.

I can’t be sure, but I may have clogged this pool deck drain. I’m trying to figure out how to open it up since I’m not really sure if it was my fault or not. Is it easier, faster, and better to just call a plumber or is this something I can do to make my life easier on pool decks?

We clean dozens of hoa pools tgis time of year. Maybe one out of ten have drains that actually work and are unclogged

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nah, those things collect dirt and fill up easily, check both ends, where the water should come out from, if it just goes to dirt then oh well, where is the water supposed to go.

it’s just a channel with a cap, you may be able to remove that cap, I haven’t tried. You could rinse from the edge towards the middle, but might be easier to remove that cap.

IF you had that PTek sludge pump you’d get that water out :stuck_out_tongue:
(you could just move the water somewhere else.)

I like to use a squeegee when moving with the sludge pump.


Normally I have somewhere to push it too. I don’t here. It keeps flooding back out of the rocks almost like those can’t drain in either. The customers are on vacation in Egypt of all places. And they’re really good repeat customers. Just a little frustrating.

I’ll have to go back next week and check it out. What a silly design.

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I keep one of these in the trailer, have extra 1” hose with a male threaded fitting that will screw into the cheap hose that comes on there when whenever extra distance is needed.

Take th cover off and see if you can scoop out the box and maybe even reach in the pipe a little if that Dosent work go to the other end were it goes out of the ground and try to run your pressure washer hose up it with a 15 degree tip at 3000 psi. If you can’t go through that end you can try to go through the deck side … Anyways if it is leaves and some,mud and small sticks maybe a couple small stones you should be ok. If it is a lot of mud and stones you will need a bigger jetter. Doubt you caused this takes a lot to fill up a 3 inch line… Unless you just swept all the trash in it… Hahah

So Ollie or Blaire clogged the toiled really good a few weeks ago… like really good lol. I went to menards and picked up 2 things. One was a drill attached 25 foot rooter. The other was this beauty! The rooter didn’t reach the clog. So I stuck this bad boy in the toilet and turned on the hose. The rubber swells about 3x it’s size and makes a seal in the hole and then water shoots out the end sending pressure into the clog. I tell ya what… if it’s clogged this will fix it! I’d mail it too ya but it’s been in my toilet and I think you would pass lol

Menards >$25


I just sent you and Blaire a box of diapers today. How ironic (and strange) would it be to ship each other poo accessories back to back?

Weirder things have happened…


It’s in the mail! No takebacks lol

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You are awesome! Thank you brother!

Blaire and I are big fans of great wolf lodge. Next summer we will have to venture over there and stay. Definitely meet up for dinner!

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No worries! When overmanpowerclean had his baby I sent him super strong coffee too… lol all you get is diapers since you’re some kind of maniac who doesn’t drink coffee.

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Mountain Dew is my vice.

It use to be Dr Pepper for me but I’ve gone low carb! Down 40 lbs. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just had this same problem at my last screened pool, bad drainage. I pulled out the recovery hose and vacuumed it up.


Recovery system sounds like a better idea everyday. Did you build yours or buy it?

I built it.

I’ve used one of those for years to unclog plumbing. It works great.