Pool cover

Hi, what should I use to clean salt and algae on pool cover? Can I use surface cleaner lowest pressure ? I will wash on gravel surface.

I can’t say to the BEST way of doing it, but I can definitely say a surface cleaner is not a good idea.

You may have to apply SH, scrub with a long pole and low pressure rinse with a shooter tip.

I would think a simple house wash mix, a soft brush and some scrubbing and light rinse is all that’s needed. Seems like a 10 minute job unless I’m missing something here

The standard pool cover is nothing more than a glorified tarp made to fit a certain sized pool. A safety cover, which is a lot more expensive, is something that can withstand much more rigorous cleaning and pressure. It is designed to keep people from going into the pool, so it can easily withstand some foot traffic. Even though they market some safety covers as being able to withstand a car being on top of them, that is when they are in pristine condition and the forces are applied correctly. You better check that cover for fraying or being sun bleached before you work on it or it will be an expensive lesson. Most of the pools I have worked on have a cover and a safety cover, or just a safety cover. You will know the difference if it has springs and metal on straps at the ends. Those ends match the (usually brass) tie down points along the edge of the pool.

I don’t think I would use a surface cleaner on a gravel surface to clean most things, but you do what you want to. Most pools have a concrete pad around them, or there should be a driveway or grass lot nearby. Good luck. I’ve opened and closed some pools with my buddy, half the time the safety covers are shot and people are looking to get “one more season” out of them before the expensive replacement.