Pool cleaning

Hi, I have a client that wants me to clean out this pool I was thinking of using roof wash mix what do you guys think? And then maybe 1000psi rinse ?

That’s how I would do it.

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Thank you just wanted to make sure first pool.

Pool coatings are pretty porous so a lot of times it will stain the plaster. I’ve never tried a 5-6% roof mix So it might work but when I built and maintained commercial pools we always use an acid wash with muriatic acid and water and dip your scrub brush in it and scrub it down. Then rinse it off with a hose. Let us know how it goes


Thank you very much was also looking at videos of doing that as well I will let you know how it goes.

looks wrinkled on the right side like it has a liner in it. I can’t tell because the photo doesn’t enlarge very well. If it is a liner and you rip it, it can be expensive. I’m no pool guru, but I have helped remove a few in ground pool liners. My buddy installs them, special order, and liners are getting harder to come by.

good luck. If it is a liner they probably called the pool guys and found out how much they are.

Remove water, remove liner, brush/sweep down pool, patch crete, let dry, install new liner, put water in, sweeten to taste.

edit: if it is a liner be careful, they are slick as anything when misted with water or have algae on them. I wouldn’t clean a liner, but that is me. too much risk. The liner co’s say to keep water in the pool and use chems when closing.

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@dirtyboy is spot on if it is a liner. However, it doesn’t appear to be. Muriatic will do the job but I’d probably go with what the OP’s process. Probably start out lower thank 1k psi to see how the Crete handles it.

Thank you And they said no liner I did not see it in person yet but I think that’s the way I am going to go.

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It would be a good idea to get a sump pump and some discharge hose to pump out the stuff that collects in the deep end. And be sure to bring a floor squeegee.

Yes I already ordered that just in case and if I were to do muriatic acid what are you guys think 50-50 mix?

Honestly, start with the SH and then go from there. Muriatic is pretty nasty stuff and if you don’t have to use it I wouldn’t.

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Yes someone else I talk to in my area recommended the same thing they said use SH first and if it does not work then go to muriatic acid and yes I used to clean the bottom my JetSki‘s and it is nasty stuff.

Yes the acid is mixed 1:1 ratio. If you go that route make sure you add the acid to the water not water to acid. And if you start with sh make sure it’s rinsed very well specially if you still have to use the acid. If these two products mix they will react producing chlorine gas which is deadly.

Thank you yes I am going to wear all Ppe as well.