Pond Vacuum

Hey there everyone! So I offer barn cleaning as a service and not one barn we’ve done has been level, which leads to pooling of water just about everywhere. We’ve tried a couple different products i.e Sludge pump/ shop vac. Both of those items didn’t help with efficiency, so I googled around and found this item.

It so far has worked great. It has a 32’ discharge hose so I can pump outside of the barn or at flood points when doing other Flatwork. It can be ran continuously with our getting burned out and can also be used as a wet vac. It pulls 8gpm and has a large debris filter and fine debris filter.

The way I use it is by creating a dam at the low point with PIG socks, run the suction hose into the damn, run discharge 32’ away and get cleaning. It has been a time saver on a couple jobs and has already paid for itself. I run it off of my generator that I has in the trailer.

Below is a link to a quick YouTube video of it working. Now it’s in my driveway so it’s in a controlled environment, but you get the concept.

Hope you enjoy the 2:56am post!

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