Polychain and gear/sprocket?

Looking into polychain, but havent found the anything yet that I can be certain is for a pressure washer. Any leads?

I’ve ran the Poly chain GT Carbon from Gates before. They are not made for PW’s, they are made for umm power transmission. Doesn’t matter if it’s being used for a roller chain drive or a dryer. Here’s a design manual.


I’ve used poly chain in the oilfield on downhole surface drives. Used it on the lower portion for a hydraulic brake. But i only run v-belts etc for actual drive. Personally not a fan of them. Just my opinion.

Yup, I’m out lol

@dperez I haven’t found where there is much benefit to polychain in my situation. But I’m running 25-36” 4 groove sheave on my drives and 4-6” matching on my motors but I’m transferring anywhere from 10hp-100hp electric motors. To me 4 cogged v belts with same batch numbers does a lot better.

I’ve never ran a better belt than


I just want it short enough to accomplish something similar to this small setup. Hey, I’ve got nobody to talk to about this stuff. My terminology may even be off.

I’ve got these pulleys already. 20190921_103718

It looks like a 55mm belt width size. They are most likely using taper lock bushings

What’s a down hole surface drive. Is that production equipment?

Yes. Surface drives for pcp (progressive cavity pumping).

AKA the earthquake maker

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Never seen one. Saw plenty of pump jacks in WTX but not those. Or maybe i didn’t know what i was looking at. Ive been on the drilling side for the last nine years and have been drilling natural gas wells for the last three. When you said oilfield i got curious.

I grew up oilfield, been around the production/downhole side since the late 80’s when I was a kid. I was rebuilding driveheads as a teen in the 90’s. Now I just do consultant work, I’m a downhole specialist on production side. My uncle owns a company, so I just do consultations with his customers. What drive, hp, sensors, VFD, etc.

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