Polycarbonate Pool Enclosure

I’ve been asked to give an estimate for cleaning a polycarbonate pool enclosure. See pics.

Size is roughly 40x30x16 without surfaces being clear polycarbonate windows and the white parts are aluminum. Interior is heated and toasty warm. Homeowner says they need to clean it 2x per year to keep the mold/mildew under control - seems they are too busy to keep doing it themselves.

I tried searching, but either there is nothing or search isn’t working from my phone…

The mold/mildew isn’t too bad considering the interior is dripping wet (with the cooler weather we’re now getting in Canada) - some spots with green at the edges, etc. There does seem to be some reddish mildew forming along one wall at the concrete pool deck.

Any thoughts about special techniques, tips, tricks? I’ve never cleaned over top a pool - do I need to avoid getting soap in the water?

image image image

FYI, my plan is to clean with standard HW mix and rinse thoroughly.

My only real concern is the surfactant (elemonator) getting into the pool …

I wouldn’t even use a surfactant.

You probably already know this but I would make sure it’s not a saltwater pool.

What’s the harm in a little sh getting into a salt water pool? Just curious as I’ve never considered it.

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I don’t think sh will hurt a saltwater pool. I just think saltwater pools can be more touchy. I’d mainly be worried about the surfactant but even a little probably won’t hurt such a large body of water. I’d probably still go without it.

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Seems more like a window cleaning job. @dcbrock thoughts?

Rinsing with tap water will spot that poly up like crazy.

I don’t do pool enclosures though, maybe the WCR deionized water fed pole guys can comment.

Your house wash is probably way to strong I would cut it in half first do a test spot. 1 section at a time and hot water rinse if you can. Make sure pool is circulating water

Clean the structure today. Went pretty well. Used HW mix with no problems.

Customer is thrilled - cleanest she ever remembers seeing it!

If you look closely at the pic (courtesy of my customer) I’m making my very own rainbow.

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Nice! Good job.