Poison oak, ivy or other clinging vegetation

Hey all. I’m Mike from Dothan AL. I’ve recently stepped into the business of surface cleaning. My company name is SWIFT WATER SURFACE CLEANERS. Web site is not published and still under construction. I still have some final paperwork and fees to pay before I am officially in business.
My question is based on what I see in many yards regardless of income. There’s many varieties of vines that are locked tight to all surfaces on house/trailers, vinyl, brick or wood. Is this something that you would remove as part of the washing, or something the customer has to take care of, or just wash around it? I know it’s something I could do as a courtesy but,
me and poison oak and ivy have a terrible relationship. Thanks for the input…
Being new here and reading several post, I’ve honestly tried to locate the signature block to fill it out, but for the life of me, I can’t find it. But if you’re interested, I did put a lot of info on the profile page.

I have the attitude that " i’m in the house washing business"-- not the landscaping business. There’s certain things the homeowner needs to do before I come out there and work my magic. Clearing of back patios or decks is another issue I don’t deal too well with

thanks, I understand that sentiment entirely. I’ll more than likely have that as “customer to do list” before work is performed.

Never get in the habit of doing it for free. You can always have a charge for it. There are some instances when the homeowner can’t do it physically.

That’s funny because I had the same thing on my mind when you replied. I retired from the telco, and when there, I did a lot of things not required because of the large number of elderly folks I serviced. So I’m sure it will be something that will be based on circumstance.