Plumbing the ar45

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Very clean! What’s this for washing hands and filling up buckets?

Ewww man I loath pipe dope lol that stuff is such a mess…I see you got some on that strainer. I do like the set it takes on when it dries though. You can buy some spiral hydraulic hose protector instead of using those plastic cable zip ties that are going to break after seeing the sun for a bit. What’s with all those tanks in the back? How many more units are you doing this year?

That is a dry poppet. Its for filling the sh tank

Pipe dope is nasty. Wd40 will take it off. The zip ties are temp. A whole bolt down unit will go in front of them it has a channel for them to lay in. I almost got some of the spiral stuff the other day and passed. I will pick some up next time

I have ten other trucks,trailers,or skids on the list. Not counting my stuff.

What do you use to transfer from the drum into that? I’ve been using my 7gpm truck mounted 12v delavan and even with the check valve it’s a pain to prime.

Finish thompson pumps. They are magnetic drive never go bad


got 1 we used for a few years for transfer before I was here…still runs great and pushes good volume.

Like this one? 40" Polypropylene Pump Tube with 115V Electric Motor Kit | U.S. Plastic Corp.

That will work

Good tip, I usually just use a bazillion paper towels lol. Well you sound like you have your hands full over there, good luck man