Plumbing question

Anyone have their 12 v pump plumbed up so that it can transfer fresh sh from one tank to mix tank, and also be able to turn a few valves and use the same pump to draw out of mix tank and send through hose reel? I know I could just put a 5850 to transfer chem, but trying to simplify a new roof trailer. It seems like just having one pump would be the easier route. This is not an attempt to save money on pumps, just seems like a nice way to have it.

Absolutely. Several valves before the pump and a couple of valves after allow us to pump water or SH through the reel or through a discharge hose for transfer.

We still have two pumps but the second one is on the shelf as a backup. :slight_smile:

Yea we keep the extra pumps as well. Thanks for the answer. Wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one thinking this would be optimal.

Yes, I use my 12v for both application and transfer. I didn’t mess around with a bunch of valves and plumbing however.

For the input side of the pump, I have about a 15’ piece of 1/2" poly braid flex hose attached to a barb threaded to the inlet on the pump. The other end of the hose is attached to a 4’ piece of 1/2" PVC pipe - a draw tube. When I want to xfer SH from a drum on the ground to my 55 gal holding tank on the truck, I just put the draw tube into the drum on the ground, and turn on the pump. It draws the SH from the tank on the ground, thru the pump, out thru my hose reel attached to the outlet of the pump which is my chemical hose. I just take the chem hose and put it into my holding tank and fill that way, or if setting up to create a batch of roof mix, then I just put the chem hose directly into my chem tank and transfer the sh to it. When done, i take the draw tube from the drum on the ground, put it into my water buffer tank and draw rinse water thru the pump to rinse. When I want to apply mix, I just move the draw tube into the chem tank. It’s much easier and flexible than trying to plumb up a lot of valves.

Thanks. I lived in Aiken my first year of college. From Hampton. Now in Bluffton.