Plumbing hose reel

How do you guys go about plumbing your “supply hose” into your hose reel ? The hose reel I have has a 1/2” Inlet and I can’t seem to find a 1/2” to 3/4 or 1 inch bushing to attach the end of the garden hose to.

A lot of us don’t even plumb through our hose reels. We just use the reel to store the hose. I use camlocks in between sections of hose so I can just take off a hose and quickly plug it into the camlock on the filter. From my filter to buffer I think I have 1" non collapsible hose. I just used poly hose barbs.

Some do run through their hose reel though. A 1/2" opening is pretty small so that will restrict flow. Although, you should be fine if you’re running a 4 gpm or even a 5.5 gpm. I ordered a hose reel with larger fittings. I think I have 1" and 3/4" that are welded on the reel.

Here’s that fitting you were asking about. You can get them at any hardware or big box hardware store.


I just use my supply hose reel to roll the hose onto…it has never been plumbed through the reel.


1/2" pipe thread has the same i.d. as 5/8" hose. Cut off the male end of the hose then use a brass 1/2" mpt to 5/8" hose barb adapter

Just seen in another thread of yours you have 3/4 hose so here


Sounds good. Thank you

I like that idea I might give that a try. Thanks man

I took the advice of many members on here and did not plumb it through the reel. THe reel just basically holds the hose with camlocks on it.

The one downside of camlocks I have found is if you are working in a commercial or industrial area with equipment running around you may want to protect those camlocks from damage. A short piece of 2x4, or bricks, placed on either side worked for me. I would say to use safety cones, but sometimes guys just aim for them, like kids they like running them over. The last two days I had my water supply hose moved, connected and reconnected, ran over by propane trucks, oil trucks, skidsteers, work trucks and vans, and several pickups. I took the advice of @Hotshot and bought heavy duty rubber supply hose. Works for my application, maybe not yours.

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Barb fitting

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Filling your tank while any of your supply line is still on the reel will slow you down quite a bit as well, because the hose flattens out on the reel. Most people take it all the way off the hose reel before filling their tank, so there’s no reason to run it through the reel